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    Favorite Google Cardboard Apps, Games and Experiences

    Post your favorite Cardboard apps, games and experiences.

    Here's a list of mine:

    Games and Experiences

    #HackThePlanet VR, link:

    VR Cosmic Roller Coaster, link:

    Vrse - Virtual Reality - 360 degree video art, link:

    Titans of Space® Cardboard VR - a ride through space, link:

    Adult Swim Virtual Brainload - psychedelic journey, link:

    Roundme - 360 degree panoramic photos, link:

    Ascape - 360 degree videos, link:


    AAA VR Cinema, link:

    VRTV Video Player, link:

    VR Theater for Cardboard, link:

    PSViewer - 360 degree stereo and mono image viewer, link:

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    VR Play is a good one. You are in the forest with animals around.
    Also Aquarium-VR. You are basically under the surface of the water looking at all types of fish in 3D.

    I haven't been all that enthused about any games yet but the experiences like those above are all pretty cool.

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    VR Cosmic Roller Coaster one of my favorite game...

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    I appreciate the list! I love finding something new to try with my Cardboard. I think it's pretty fun to use Google Streetview with Google Cardboard; it was super weird to look at my own street with it. I also really enjoyed the Mr. Robot VR short because I'm a fan of the show.

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    I am SO IN LOVE with Wizard Academy VR because it enables us to walk and wander in the virtual environment! That's a very new experience on Cardboard. I also like VR Haunted House 3D (the scariest VR horror I've ever tried), Perfect Angle VR (so relaxing yet so fun), and BeThere Makkah (for personal reason).

    For more complete list, I have written 16 best VR apps I've tried in 2016 here-->

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    Have you seen Alice in wonderland VR yet? Pretty nice to have the experience of falling trough the rabbit hole Also Flower Zen Ride is one of my favorites,

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    One of my favorite out there was the Relax VR game.
    After a hard day at my workplace I was able to have a proper relaxation with mediation. Sometimes, I did it even in the office.

    How it works: A serene natural hideout with 360-degree videos of three gorgeous locations in Australia and Portugal. You select a natural scene, put your phone into the Google Cardboard with headphones, choose between a guided meditation or just calming music, relax in incredible beauty, relax your mind and get rejuvenated.

    Cool features: The Yoga Nidra meditation along with peaceful music, instructions in both male and female voices will fill your spirit with ethereal joy. More than 100,000 people have already relaxed in virtual reality with this app, featuring 360 videos of beautiful natural landscapes in high definition.

    Additionally, I have made more comprehensive list of Cardboard games at my blog:
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    Hey guys'

    Check out this website they suggest many vr apps for different categories such as VR games, VR Videos, VR travels and much more

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