Hola everyone!

I have been chasing my tail a little bit on this.. so hoping for some advice on best workflow to achieve what i am wanting to do.

Basically i have sketchup models of homes i wish to put people inside using VR... I am essentially looking for a happy middle ground between realism and time invested into making the transition from sketchup to VR. The few plugs i have seen that do it direct out of sketchup still look a bit cartoony, so from the research i have done ill need to bounce into Unity or maybe something like VRay?

Its likely that i will need to be making modifications to the source sketchup file frequently and then needing to show again in VR.

Also need recommendations on the best hardware to do this. My clients don't need to walk around it, more just look around and be able to navigate. I have had experience with the Vive which is brilliant, but at the same time a bit cumbersome to drag around with me.. However if it is going to be leagues ahead of anything else than i will get one. (also on the vive, is it feasible to not setup the external sensors and just use the headset and hand control to navigate?... that would lighten things up a bit)

Im on OSX.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!!