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    This is why Vive is better than Rift, when I can I will get an HTC Vive, Rift is just too rift with issues and the cost is just not justified only difference is it has it's own headphones, big deal, thanks for sharing the list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tosvus View Post
    The following list shows games/experiences that should be available for the Vive, starting tomorrow. If you see anything missing, or games that don't make the deadline and should be removed, please let me know:

    Free/Free To Play
    8i - Make VR Human
    AltSpace VR
    Bigscreen Beta
    DCS World
    Fishing Planet
    InCell VR
    IKEA Experience
    InMind VR
    Irrational Exuberance
    Janus VR
    Jaunt VR - Experience Cinematic VR
    Lecture VR
    Metaverse Construction Kit
    PITCH-HIT: Rampage Level
    Poly Runner VR
    Portal Stories: VR (delayed until April 28th)
    Skeet: VR Target Shooting
    Spell Fighter VR
    Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic
    The Cubicle Short VR game.
    The Divergent Seris: Allegiant
    The Foo Show feat. Will Smith
    The Lab
    The Rose and I
    Wevr Transport *INCLUDES FREE theBlu DEMO*

    Included with your Vive
    Fantastic Contraption
    Job Simulator
    Tilt Brush

    Free Demos
    Abbot's Book
    Budget Cuts
    Cloudlands VR Mini-Golf
    Dr Kvorak's Obliteration Game
    The Brookhaven Experiment Demo Available now. Full Game April 26th.

    BUTTS: The VR Experience
    The Visitor

    $1-5.99 (some of these are temporary sales)
    4089: Ghost Within $5.99
    A-10 VR $4.99
    Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head $4.99
    Andromedum $1.99
    Beach Ball Valley $2.99
    BLARP! $2.99
    CAT Interstellar $3.99
    Diorama No.1: Blocked In $1.99
    Diorama No.3: The Marchland $4.99
    Discovr Egypt: King Tut's Tomb $2.00
    Euclidean $4.99
    Grove VR Browsing Experience $4.99
    Gunslinger Trainer $3.99
    HoloBall $5.99 until May 2nd
    Minigame Party VR $4.99
    Space Bit Attack $4.99
    Spermination $2.99
    The Grand Canyon VR Experience $4.99
    Unseen Diplomacy $2.99
    Vreakout $3.99
    Whirligig $3.99 (Video Player/Utility)
    That´s a great list, thanks for sharing it!


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    What would be the best "I've got 100 people and a few minutes for each" demo for the Vive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekbrewsbrew View Post
    What would be the best "I've got 100 people and a few minutes for each" demo for the Vive?
    my go-to is the paid version of theBlu. (you can get a part of it free through Transport, but it might be a bit short, plus Transport is a pain to use sometimes)
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    If anyone is interested in a Voxel Vr game with an Rocket Launcher in one hand and a Thruster on your other.

    my twitter is DuckDuckGooseVR

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    The game I keep coming back to is the free Rec Room. Is there any better?


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