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    Leap Motion Predicts Amazing 3rd Generation Holographic OLED Virtual Reality Headsets

    While the virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are quite impressive already, there is no doubt that the technology will be developing rapidly, becoming more immersive, lighter, and less intrusive. Leap Motion, a company known for their motion tracking software and cameras has close ties with many of the larger VR manufacturers, and this last week the company's CTO David Holz spoke a bit about his vision for future VR/AR headsets, based on some of the discussions he's had with various big-name manufacturers. While Leap Motion likely won't be producing hardware for these future headsets, it is very possible that their software could play an integral part in future generations VR and AR products.

    Holz discussed some of the technology that may be found in third generation headsets of the future, and while he didn't say when such technology would be available, my guess is perhaps 5-7 years. These third generation headsets will likely be transparent, look a lot like a pair of sunglasses, be extremely light weight and rely on Holographic OLED displays which will be able to switch between both AR(transparent) and VR(opaque) capabilities.

    “They’re slightly funny-colored,” he said as he described these future headsets. “But they’re pretty reasonable, something that I might wear all day, all the time. And that’s something that, to me personally, is the most exciting. That’s getting into the age of AR... I’m seeing lots of things ahead of everybody. Behind the scenes, these things are starting to appear more and more."

    In addition to all of this, each headset will have multiple camera's placed within, allowing for extremely accurate tracking of the user, their eyes, etc. Holz believes that the size of cameras and lenses will shrink allowing for multiple cameras placed all over these headsets. I do not doubt that Holz has an inside view of the industry, and his comments certainly excite me. It will be interesting to see how the industry progresses towards such a future. Thoughts?
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    This is where I believe the industry is headed, and surely Holz has insight into what is happening behind the scenes for a lot of companies. Sunglasses that aren't actually sunglasses, that come in various designs would be great. That means people won't be afraid to buy a pair, and they could actually become somewhat of a fashion statement rather than fashion embarrassment like Google Glass is. Looking forward to this very much.

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    I sure hope they are right. One thing to consider though is that it seems like the 2nd generation of headsets will be coming by the start of next year, meaning the 3rd generation will more than likely be within 2 years or so. I highly doubt that this technology will be anywhere close to being available by then. 5-7 years is a more believable timeline.

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    Interesting concept. I could definitely see people walking around wearing these as AR headsets, and it would be a heck of a lot more comfortable to wear than today's bulky VR headsets. It's funny because the size of VR headsets haven't changed all that much in 25 years.

    Why is this? It's because there were no reason for display screens to change much over that time. Now with a purpose I suspect we will see a lot of interesting types of VR headset displays coming about.

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    Dude, I hope this prediction is right, and I hope we see it in next generation headsets. I know I'd be willing to throw down another $600 or so if the next Rift had this technology.

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    It's been a while since we've heard any updates from Leap Motion. What is the latest?

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