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    How to Hack Your Phone's GPS to Travel Anywhere in the World Via Pokemon Go

    I've seen a number of hacks, some quite simple and others incredibly complicated, all in order to get further in the game of Pokemon GO and catch more Pokemon than one's friends. The latest hack is coming to us from the YouTube user, jdsika. What they are able to do requires equipment that most of us likely do not have at their disposal, but I have to admit that this is one of the more creative Pokemon Go hacks that I have seen yet.

    Basically what they do is utilize a radio-frequency-shielded box, in which the smartphone is placed within. The phone is then connected to a signal generator, which is able to mimic real-world GPS signals. Using a custom-made software the hackers then are able to use a simple joystick to control where player walks within the game. The software utilizes Google maps so basically the hackers are able to walk nearly anywhere on the planet in their search for Pokemon, without leaving the confines of their office chair or sofa.

    "The signal generator simulates a real life GNSS RF signal which is fed indirectly into the mobile phone and to a u-blox M8 GNSS receiver. This is why we use a RF splitter," wrote the hackers. "The losses from antenna to device are roughly 30dB. We therefore generate a signal of -80dBm in order to achieve the common GNSS signal strength of -110dBm at the device. The idea behind the shielding box is to protect the device from the signal from outside."
    It's really an awesome idea, but in my opinion would take most of the fun and competitiveness out of the game. Check out the video below showing this hack in action and let me know what you think...

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    That's really cool - I mean as an experimental hack for an engineering student. If you would go to those lengths because you want to cheat, well that would be lame.

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    It's a cool concept, but honestly, this is still cheating. I certainly hope Niantic cracks down on people doing this.
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    Hack your phone's GPS is a good idea. As you know, you will be banned forever if you use these Fake GPS. it is rules

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