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    What headset should I buy?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm looking at getting a basic VR set up for myself and I don't know what to buy

    I just want a basic set up to be able to watch YouTube videos and eventually 360 degree videos of my own when I get a 360 degree camera.

    I have an iPhone 6 (NOT 6plus) and just want a headset that will fit an iPhone 6 where I can plug headphones in and have it fit on my head with straps.

    Can anyone suggest anything good?

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    Check these out:

    I particularly like the Tepoinn 3D VR glasses.

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    Pretty much any Google Cardboard headset should work. I'd recommend getting a plastic one though, rather than an actual cardboard one, for obvious reasons.
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    I gotta go with Admin's advice here. I have a cardboard set and I have also tried the plastic sets. I would say the plastic ones are so, so much better. The plastic ones are made to fit your face better and the cardboard, to me, is for a quick demo rather than long time use.

    Good luck!

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    yeah google cardboard!

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    “Hey guys!

    Great discussion going here and some solid advice!

    I’ve set myself a budget of $ 600 for my first VR Headset and am still not sure which one to get.
    Are all the games are playable and actionable?

    I’ve been reading some reviews on this site
    and am considering the HTC VIVE.
    Does anyone here actually own either of these? What are your experiences?”

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    There is not best vr headset, just have the most fitting your face vr headset, so you need to try many headset to find it.
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    I bought the Focus headset at to use with my iPhone 6Plus. Im pretty sure it will fit an iPhone 6. They were a little expansive but the quality is good and the costumer service is ok. Overall I think they have good virtual reality headsets for iphone and I recommend them.
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