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    phone to use w/cardboard?

    Hey guys,

    What is a good new phone I can get that is compatible with cardboard?

    Is the LG G Flex compatible, despite its curve? I would like the 3rd one when it comes out.


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    I've found that pretty much every Android phone or iPhone works quite well with Cardboard. Because the apps aren't too intensive there really isn't a "best option".
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    It's probably best to stay away from anything that curves, but other than that, as vrtalk says, most phones are supported. Note that if you can find a "better cardboard set", with some adjustment possibilities, that might be better than getting the generic one. I tried a Google cardboard solution and had problems getting good 3d effect (felt crosseyed), as apparently the distance between my eyes were not ideal for the set I had, and only a few apps allowed to adjust in software.
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