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    Massive Pokemon Go Update Coming in December - PvP Trading, Legendary, Baby Pokemon

    It has been quite clear that in addition to a Thanksgiving Event, Niantic has lots of plans for their hit mobile app, Pokemon Go. In fact, an update which is rumored to be headed our way within about a month will likely be the biggest update to the game ever.

    Several sources, including GameNGuide, are reporting that a massive December update will include all of the following changes:

    - 100 New Legendary Pokemon
    - PvP Battles, allowing players to challenge each other in a PvP Battle, selecting the Pokemon they wish to use in that battle
    - Baby Pokemon - Would likely replace the Pokemon Go Egg Evolution. Would allow players to grow babies into adults.
    - Trading - Finally!

    While nothing has yet been confirmed by Niantic themselves, leaks within the code of the app along with leaks coming elsewhere certainly seem to point to most, if not all of these features on the way within 4-6 weeks.

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    This would actually get me back into the game

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    Trading. So excited about this part of the update!! I'm not a moneybags type person that can travel the world, so this may make it possible for me to, here it comes, catch 'em all. Lets see what kind of restrictions they roll out along with the update.

    Oh and baby Pokémon. Give me allll the babies.
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    This would get me back as well. I haven't played since the November event.

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    Pokemon GO was such a big thing just an year ago things has calmed totally now. Surprisingly millions still play it.

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