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    Pokemon Go Nest Locations Just Changed Again!

    As with any game, people begin to get tired of them after a while unless the game itself makes changes. Niantic knows this, and thus has had a string of events and game changes or additions over the last couple of months. This has driven user numbers back up and seems to be keeping long term gamers interested. This week another one of these changes have taken place, seemingly a bit under the radar.

    Niantic has changed the Pokemon nest locations within the game once again. This is actually the 8th such change since the game launched last year. This means that if certain Pokemon usually were spawned in particular areas around your neighborhood, the areas as well as the type of Pokemon should have changed.

    Not everyone may know where nests may have been to begin with, but typically a nest is defined by a small area in which a particular type of Pokemon often spawn from. If you were aware of such nests, go back and check because most likely it has changed. In the meantime, if you have noticed such changes please post here and let us know! Also you can join The Silph Road to report and find new nests within the game now that most trackers have been banned.
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    So so glad I got those Magikarp when I did. They are no longer to be found in my neighborhood.

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    Thanks for the informative news.

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    Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game built by Niantic Labs, owned by Google, which uses your phone’s camera and location systems to help you locate and capture Pokemon

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