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    HoloLens Integrated Into Latest Unity 5.5 Update!

    The Microsoft Hololens is seen as the likely front runner in the Augmented reality space, which has yet to take off. Over the next 12-18, months, however, augmented reality should have it's VR moment, and very likely will be a multi-billion dollar industry within a couple of years. This means that developers will be streaming onto the platform in short order. Thus, Unity Technologies has this week announced that their latest Unity 5.5 update will support the Hololens.

    The update, which can be viewed in its entirety here, will make debugging and prototyping for Hololens a breeze, while not requiring an actual headset in order to output any work. Below are a few of the HoloLens-related release notes:

    HoloLens: Spatial mapping component API changes:
    - HoloLens support graduated from the Technical Preview!
    - The "Custom Render Setting" property is now "Render State".
    - The "Custom Material" render setting is now "Visualization".
    - "Custom Material" is now "Visual Material".
    - "volume" property is now "volumeType".
    - "sphereRadiusMeters" is now "sphereRadius".
    - "boxExtentsMeters" is now "halfBoxExtents".
    - "lod" is now "lodType".

    This is great news for anyone planning on developing apps for the HoloLens and Windows Holographic.

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    At this point developing for Hololens makes little sense unless you're being contracted to create a specific business application, but it's good that Unity is helping make that possible and getting the groundwork done for when Hololens breaks into the consumer market.
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    On the other hand it would make sense to get started with Hololens so when opportunities arise you are ready.

    They have some sort of certification program also; but it's unclear to me how one could afford it, so I see your point in contracting opps.

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    I'd love to give it a try, but it is just too much money for me to put down up front..
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