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    Giroptic iO - Turn Your iPhone Into a 360-Degree VR Camera

    Although Apple has not officially entered the virtual or augmented reality spaces quite yet, this has been a huge week for those who own an iPhone and want to take part in the VR/AR tech wave. A few days ago Occipital announced their Bridge VR headset, which functions only with the iPhone and turns the smartphone into the brains behind a powerful VR/AR device. Today a company called Giroptic has unveiled a device which targets the creators of VR content via the iPhone.

    The new Giroptic iO turns an iPhone or iPad into a 360-degree video recording device. Below are some of the specs for this new device:

    - 2 x 195°, F/1.8, 360° x 360°
    - Shooting modes: Photo, Video, Live
    - Connectivity: Apple Lightning, Micro USB (charging)
    - Weight and dimension: 73mm x 35mm / 2.9" x 1.4" (70g / 2.5oz)
    - Material: Aluminium casing
    - Battery: Lithium-ion (915mAH, 3.7V)
    - Recording: JPEG / MP4 (real-time stitching)

    “Giroptic iO simultaneously provides a user-friendly camera and a new platform of services,” said Richard Ollier, cofounder and CEO of Giroptic, in a statement. “We’re creating a simple social sharing service and removing previous barriers such as complex editing, lag time, cumbersome processing and unoptimized compatibility with major social networks.”By combining sleek, compact product design, advanced 360 imaging technology and a seamless software interface, the Giroptic iO provides an affordable, consumer-friendly user experience for capturing, sharing and live streaming what’s happening all around them in full 360 degrees.“
    This device seems to be perfectly timed as Facebook has just launched live-streaming 360-degree video on their social network. The iO can almost instantly stitch together the images from both lenses, allowing for the streaming of live 360-degree content on the fly. The Giroptic iO will begin shipping in just over a month (January 17) and costs just $250.
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    Not bad at all for $249 if it works like they say it does. These are all companies Apple should be buying out and offering these products themselves. Imagine the marketing power they'd have to push the iO as well as the Occipital Bridge. I just hope they have something even better up their sleeve fairly soon.

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    The problem with starting a company like this is that Apple will probably have something like this built into their iPhones in the near future, sending this company's business plan to the ground. I fully expect Apple releases something like this in the next year or two.

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    I think they probably have a goal of selling their technology to Apple for a few million dollars if things work out. Like JeffreyR said though I am not so sure Apple couldn't easily replicate this without needing to infringe on any patents.
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