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    HoloStream Streams HoloLens content to iPhone / iPad

    I just saw this yesterday and it looks really cool. It's an iOS app that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad and then used to stream content from your HoloLens headset. I'm not sure exactly what the main purpose of this would be, other than to perhaps record what you are seeing or show friends who don't have a headset, but regardless it looks intriguing.

    See video demo

    The apps isn't free. It comes at a cost of $39.95 and has the following features:

    - Automatic HoloLens detection
    - The ability to record your live stream
    - The option to save screenshots
    - Auto-restart
    - Very low latency

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    This seems fairly insignificant to me. Even if it were free, I'd see little use for it. Not sure why anyone would pay $40 for it.

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