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    Will any good sports games come to Playstation VR?

    Something I feel is missing on PSVR are the good sports games. The only problem though is I am not all that sure that sports games will be very feasible on the platform. I'd love to play Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, etc. in virtual reality, but part of me thinks that this will be very difficult to do. The game would need to be played from a first person perspective and this is a bit hard to do in most sports games.

    Additionally, how would controls work? Do we use touch controls to throw a ball? How do you select the wide receiver or teammate to throw to?

    What do you think, is there a way that sports games can work on PSVR?

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    Give it time. I think you will see a lot of sports games in VR. It's going to be hard for developers to come up with gameplay styles for these types of games but I think it is certainly possible. I think it will be at least another year before you see any good VR sports games on PSVR.

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    I agree with you doubting that some sports games will not be available for PS VR, but I would just wait and see what they are developing. Same kinda thing with a new console, you have to give it some time before good games come out.

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    The first person perspective will definitely get in the way but I think developers will find ways around this. Keep in mind that the perspective doesn't have to be tied to one player. It can jump around if they can create a means for a smooth transition. Additionally, what is it that is wrong with a first person perspective. Perhaps you don't have as much control over an entire team, but maybe that's not need when playing VR. Why not let a player play as a single player for the entire game?

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