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    What are the details of Samsung's Contract with Oculus?

    In reality, the only main advantage that Samsung holds over other Google Daydream smartphones is their current agreement with Oculus which brings Oculus content to the GearVR headsets. Does anyone know details of this deal? How long does it extend for, and can either company cancel at any time? If I were google I'd be trying to get a similar deal with Oculus. Is this possible?

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    I've researched this topic a little bit and due to prior knowledge I do believe that Google and Oculus are trying to get a deal together, however, it's taking a little while to come to terms with the deal for both companies. As with the Samsung and Oculus deal, Samsung clearly holds the advantage over Google because of this. I know that Samsung is working with Oculus on another VR Headset also. Hopes this helps clear some confusion a bit.

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    Is the contract for a set amount of time or are there other terms involved? Can one simply opt out of the contract? Does it prevent them from teaming with anyone else? Is there a place where the details of this contract are made available?
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    I don't think details are publicly available. I would assume it has a timeframe set to it.

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