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    Annoying Oculus Touch Controller Sounds

    Has anyone experience, after using their controls quite a bit, that they start making sounds when the trigger is pulled? When I first got my controls they worked fine and they didn't make a sound at all when I pulled the trigger. Now though my left controller is really bad. It makes a very loud sound when pulled, and my right one is starting to do it, although not as bad?

    Is this a known issue? Does Oculus replace controllers that do this?

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    However you want to explain it, whether it be a clanking, clicking, clattering or banging sound, this is actually quite normal I think with most controls. Most controls have a dampening device which usually only works for so long before giving way to wear and tear. It is surprising that I've heard of quite a few people with this problem so soon after the release, but I also realize most gaming controllers have sticky buttons or buttons that make sounds.

    I do think that this is a minor design flaw but at the same time I don't expect Oculus to exchange out or refund because of the issue. It's not all that terrible in my opinion.

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    If this sound annoys you, maybe you shouldn't be a gamer!

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    they are broken i got my second pair getting louder and louder rma them !!!

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    This is what happens when you buy the first version of something
    I expect Oculus Touch 2 to have a fix, perhaps even later builds of this current version.

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    I'm trying to find a new controller due to this issue too
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    Yes, Oculus up on this design. It's too late to do much about it though other than try and come up with a better design for future productions.

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    This problem reminds me of the old third party Sega Genesis controllers. They would always have the directional pad that would stick and make that annoying clanking sound. Just cheaply made controllers I guess. Perhaps Oculus didn't want to spend a ton on the first editions??

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    Well the only solution I can suggest is to turn the volume of your headset up or get headphones
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