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    New PSVR Stand Unveiled By Sony

    If you own a Playstation VR headset than it's likely you have had to consider where to store the $300 device away from the possibility of damage. Well, now via a partnership with Numskull, there is an official Sony product that will solve this problem. The new PSVR Stand is priced at just £29,99 and is available for order immediately. Below are some of the features of the stand, which looks like a manikin head:

    - Official Sony Product
    - Premium quality obsidian head
    - Heavy chrome finish base plus engraved logos
    - Adjustable height mechanism (38cm – 48cm)
    - Cable strap to keep things tidy
    - Matches PlayStation color scheme

    While this new stand isn't a must-have, it's priced low enough to certainly make one consider a purchase if it means displaying and storing the headset in a safe location without worry. Below is a picture of the new device. Anyone buying one?

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    Not a bad price.. I'm looking for something like this to keep everything neat and organized in my living room. Any idea if this is available in the US or is it just the UK?

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    This actually looks really cool for the price. I imagine it will carry a similar price ($29.99 in the US). It's funny because Rift and Vive owners have been asking for something like this since those headsets came out. Now Sony has beat them to the punch. I wonder if other headsets would fit this or not.

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    The Power A Charge and Display stand is available at some Gamestop stores for around $40, and it really does get the job done. Unlike this Sony one I think the Power A has room for controls as well.

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    Hmm wonder how this would work for my vive...
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    Looks nice and the price is very reasonable.

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    To me this is just another money grab by Sony. I don't think this stand is worth half that price to be honest.

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