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    Anyone else getting bored of GearVR?

    When I got my GearVR about 10 month ago, I thought it was the bomb. I was literally running my battery out 3 times a day playing games on it. Now, that I've gotten a Vive though I've changed my opinion and I have found that I haven't been using my GearVR at all. In fact I don't think I've touched it in over a month and I don't see myself doing so for a long time.

    It seemed as though the content got stale and there wasn't really much new content coming to it. The content that was coming was basically the same as what I already had.

    I can't be the only one who thinks the GearVR has gotten boring, can I?

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    I'm still having fun with mine after several months. I think you just can't go into it expecting to get Oculus Rift type content. I tend to use it when I'm laying in bed or sitting on the couch more than a standing type experience. I use it to view a lot of 360 degree content as well. It's just much simpler and easier than firing up the Rift/Vive.

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    It is the general lack of high quality content that I think is the reason why some people feel "bored" with the GearVR. It's not the technology itself. I think 2017 will bring us a lot of good content, and games which will be more than just an hour long.

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    I agree with your assertion. I have not moved to more powerful VR platforms, but I have simply put down my Gear VR. I use it as a showcase for company sometimes, but otherwise it is a nice ornament on the shelf. Content, battery life, and immersiveness (or lack thereof) probably are what put it on the shelf for me. Perhaps a 4K display on the GS/GN 9 may remedy that (have to look to the future because of the contract situation with my carrier).

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