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    PlayStation VR European Shortage About to End

    While supplies of the PlayStation VR headset has been adequate here in the United States, with few consumers reporting that they are having difficulty obtaining a headset, it is a whole other story in Europe. From the day of launch until now there have been numerous reports of little to no supply of the hot-selling headset throughout the UK, Spain and other European nations. This shortage, however, seem about to be a thing of the past.

    According to numerous retailers throughout Europe, including, the headset should be readily available after February 15th. Below are the dates I have been able to obtain from various retailers over the last 24 hours:

    - Amazon Spain - Prime members can pre-order on January 6th
    - Tesco - Readily available after January 31st
    - Shopto - Readily available 'by the end of January'
    - Amazon UK - Readily available sometime between January 31st and February 15th

    If you are a European consumer than you only have a few weeks left before being able to own a PSVR. Feel free to post here if you are in Europe and have recently been able to obtain a device.
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    I know of several people in the UK who have been waiting months to get their hands on a headset. They will certainly be excited about this news.

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