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    Insta360 to Launch 8k 360-Degree Camera for $3,000

    Details have leaked a bit early as to what China's Insta360 will be unveiling this week at CES. The company, which specializes in 360-degree camera technology, will soon be showing off what could be the best 'bang for your buck' 360-degree camera on the market.

    The Insta360 Pro will be able to capture 360-degree video in an 8K format. That's movie theater-like resolutions for virtual reality content. If you are taking stills, you can capture images up to an incredible 60MP. On the other hand, if you are filming 360-degree content for VR, the Insta360 Pro will be able to support a staggeringly high 100 frames per second at 4K resolution. The camera is also able to connect to the internet via WiFi or ethernet to livestream 360-degree high-quality videos to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    While full details will be revealed at CES this week, I have managed to find that this device will retail for around $3,000, making it an affordable camera for small businesses looking to jump in on the VR content creation market. Below is a picture of the device:
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    Way out of my price range but super cool! I wonder how cameras like these will be used in the future. I doubt we will ever see 360 degree movies take off. I think 360 degree video will be more for experiences rather than paying attention to plots.

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    Could be nice to create some simple experience content. I think you need at least that kind of resolution for it to make any sense.

    Gotta say it reminds me of one of those conference 360 videocams though..
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