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    HTC Vive Tracker Just Changed VR For the Better

    Virtual reality is already a breakthrough which will change the way we interact with multimedia content for generations to come, but what HTC has just unveiled this week may be what makes our interactions actually feel realistic. HTC's Vive Tracker has debuted at CES this week in Las Vegas, and in my opinion this is a major step towards much more immersive virtual reality.

    So what exactly is the new Vive Tracker? It's basically a hockey puck-sized tracking device (weighing only 3 ounces) which will turn any physical object into a VR-compatible device. Think of it as an intermediary between the physical and virtual worlds. The puck-like device is able to be attached to an object, say a baseball bat or toy gun, and than track the movements of those physical objects within a virtual realm. This could mean incredibly accurate bat movement within a baseball game, or life-like shooting action within a zombie game. Although only a few developers have gotten their hands on the Tracker to date, the future of this device could be huge for HTC's VR ambitions. Below are just a handful of items which this tracker could sometime function with:

    Baseball Bate - For baseball games, Dildo - So you can beat off zombies with a sex toy, Toy Guns, Balls, fire hoses, gloves, cameras, etc

    HTC says that they are making it simple for developers to integrate the new Tracker into Vive accessories, and that the tracker will be available within a matter of months. What do you guys think? Will this give HTC a leg up on the competition or do you imagine Oculus and Sony soon coming out with similar devices?
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    They showed it on a baseball bat , I see broken things...but yes , cool as can be....for me , I want more feedback , feel it when shot or hit , especially from behind.....

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