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    Has anyone used headset protectors on PSVR?

    Has anyone been able to find any good protectors that you can wear between the headset and your face so that you don't get facial oils and such on the PSVR?

    My friend just go one, and to be honest I'm a little grossed out by using it after 10 other people do. My question is, are there any that work well with PSVR, and if so, would it be rude if I brought one of these over to a friends house when I use his headset?

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    These work pretty well. You can find them pretty cheap on To be honest, if it's not your house and not your headset I would not bring these over to a friends house to suggest use. It's an insult to the others who will be partaking. I would instead try and strike up a conversation about it and see if others think it is a good idea first.

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