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    Ditto? Or another software bug?

    When i 1st bring up my bulbasaur stats, it includes it's picture. Thereafter the picture is missing until I reboot. My ivysaur's pic never shows.

    Befo re I bring up bulbasaur or ivysaur , the pics on all other capturd pokemon will show when I bring up their stats. Once I bring up a bulbasaur or ivysaur, the pics on any other characters Stat card will not show until I reboot.
    Is this yet anyother softwa re glitch or could I have caught a ditto? If so any thoughts how to tease it out? Renaming dito did nothing.

    Tags: isuzu fn129, toyota fortuner 2017 tại hà nội, hyundai hd700 đông lạnh
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    did you solve this in the end?

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