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    SteamVR games getting bad review due to noone online?

    This is so stupid. I'm finding that more and more games listed on Steam for Vive are getting negative reviews by morons simply because when they want to play there are no other multiplayer gamers online. This isn't right and it's giving some really good developers bad names. Is there any way we can stop this type of review? For god's sake, it's not the game or developers fault that others aren't playing at certain times of the day.

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    Yeah I saw this as well on a couple of games. People just need to have more patience and wait for the surge of Christmas VR newbs to get online and start buying games. There are some decent multiplayer games receiving so pretty lousy reviews because of this trend

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    It's certainly unfortunate, but it's also a valid complaint, though I'm not sure you should review a game negatively for it.
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    Yes, it's unfair. For now, I would not consider making a game that is purely relying on Multi-Player.
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