It's always exciting to hear news about big-name industry players working together, and today's rumors from UploadVr are no different. According to the media outlet, who was on-hand to watch HTC's Daniel O’Brien's news conference from the showroom floor at CES, HTC has been working with Intel on what may one day end up producing a wireless WiGig VR headset.

When Upload Vr reached out further to Intel on the floor of CES this last week regarding this partnership, and whether HTC will have a wireless Vive coming in the future, the response was interesting, yet pretty vanilla:

“We’re working with them. That’s really all I can say at this time but stay tuned for further updates.”

For those unaware of what WiGig technology is, it's pretty much ultra-fast internet connectivity. Think of it as WiFi on steroids. Such technology could help solve some of the wireless VR latency issues among other things, and make wireless VR close to, if not just as good as wired VR in terms of speed, latency and quality.

I'm sure others are working on wireless high-quality VR technology as well, and it's likely that something will make it's way to market in the latter part of this year or first half of 2018 I am told from industry insiders. It will certainly be interesting to see what Intel and HTC may have up their sleeves.
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