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    Recent updates to Steam VR causing problems?

    I haven't had the time to play with the Vive since Jan 4, has there been any updates or anything that have rendered basic vive functionality non op?

    Double clicking the system button does not turn on the room view, even though I have turned off camera and turned it back on.

    Hitting the menu button doesn't bring up the steam or Vive overlays, but I can bring Steam's up if I hold the system/power button down.

    Can't draw in tilt brush as it's not recognizing the triggers being pulled. I get a little bit of blue flame, but that was about it.

    I do have the lightboxes set to turn off when not in use, I could turn them back on. I'm currently uninstalling Steam VR and will reinstall it. Any other advice of things I should try? Anyone else having problems as well?

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    Al I would say is to do what you are doing. Uninstall and re-install. Let us know what happens...

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