There are few things which surprise me any more from a tech standpoint, but a recent project by a 16 year old teen has managed to do just that. If you have an HTC Vive then you are likely familiar with the game Elite Dangerous. The game allows users to explore a virtual Milky Way Galaxy, and I have to say its quite addictive.

Well one 16-year old, named Austin Mathuw decided that he wanted to be able to control his Starwhip with his voice, and being that he had experience writing Alexa skills for the Amazon AI device, he took on the project himself.

As you can see from the video below, Austin was able to implement a new Alexa skill that he wrote so that he could get information from Alexa within the game. For instance if he wants to know where he is within the Milky Way all he has to do is ask Alexa, and within seconds she will tell him. Even more impressive is the fact that Austin is able to control his Starship with his voice, telling Alexa to power the engines on, etc.

The full details on how Austin managed to connect Amazon's Alexa to his Vive can be found at his project page here:

Is anyone else going to try this themselves? Let me know!

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