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    Which mobile platform will thrive?

    Which mobile VR platform do you feel most of the developers will be targeting? Will it be Daydream, Cardboard, GearVR or something else?

    At some point in time one of them will win out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PantsonHead View Post
    At some point in time one of them will win out.
    Not specifically. Xbox and Playstation are still going pretty strongly against one another. Not sure the market-share numbers, but I don't think there's a decisive victory in that field right now.

    • GearVR: it's life will really depend on the success of the next round of Samsung phones
    • Cardboard: will *slowly* fade as more and more phones support more complex VR systems (like Daydream)
    • Daydream: like Android itself - being an open technology - will be a big hit in time

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    Daydream will be the one that takes off eventually. It will cover the most devices, other than Cardboard, but be superior to Cardboard. The only competitor I see in terms of mobile VR will be anything that Apple decides to do, but that's a huge unknown at this point.

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