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    ImagineVR's Latest Sex Game Combines VR With Blow-up Doll

    Sex sells, there is no doubt about it, and ImagineVr seems to realize this. While they have had their latest game released for months in Japan, that same game (or should I say sex experience) is debuting this month in the United States and elsewhere. The game, called 'Letís Play With Nanai' is exactly what it sounds like.

    Players basically are able to customize an anime-like girl named Nanai and then have sex with her in virtual reality. Where things get interesting though is that a blow-up doll is also involved. Users will use a headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to view the action but they will use their smartphone and a blow-up doll to feel the action.

    The way it works is that one's smartphone is connected to the game wirelessly, and the phone's sensors and gyroscope are used to define the location and position of the blow-up doll, as it is inserted inside the doll iteself. This location and position is then depicted in the virtual reality experience the user is viewing. As the doll moves and changes position the virtual Nanai also moves in the same way. While the game has caught on in Japan, I'm not so certain it will in the United States. What do you guys think?

    For those interested, the game can be downloaded here: A video promo of the game can be viewed here:
    Below is a picture of the system:
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    Well this was bound to happen at some point, not too surprising the Japanese were the first to pull it off. There's certainly a market for this, but one question always baffles me: Can Japanese VR devs not create anything but anime? I cannot name a single thing I've seen come out of the Japanese VR scene that were not anime or anime-inspired, and half of them prominently feature Hatsune Miku or one of the various Chan-vocaloid things. Don't mean to be disparaging to anyone's culture, there's nothing wrong with that style, but it's just weird to see so little realism or other styles in Japanese games.
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