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    Watching/importing original VR or 360 content videos through Playstation VR.


    just wondering if there's anyway one can use Playstation VR to view original content and what kind of format is required. I believe there are a few apps being developped within the Playstation VR, would that be one of those app? Basically wondering if I could use the Playstation VR platform to view original 360/VR content and would like to have any feedback about it.

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    As far as I know there is no way to do this unfortunately. I'm not sure if Sony is preventing people from doing this on purpose so that they can sell their own content or if it's something that will come later.

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    You can definitely create 360 photos and video. Import via a USB thumb stick and view in PS4 media player.

    The photos look great (I have jpegs rendered at 5k)

    But the videos look like complete garbage. PS4 media player forces you to use MP4 and downgrade resolution to 1080p. This gives you very very poor 360 quality.

    My smart phones outperforms the Ps4 when it comes to rendering 360 video. It's really quite sad. Hope next firmware update fixes

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