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    VR is great if you're willing to spend the money. People aren't used to steam quality games being on mobile devices so the prices put many off right off the bat. But I think when people realise that games like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes are well worth they're money, they'll start buying

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    This is what happens when you start by only having two phones support Daydream while most other OEMs sit on the sidelines. Samsung has their own along with Oculus (Gear VR), and Alcatel has the Idol 4 which comes with a headset, albeit one less powerful content than Samsung's (which may change if developers get on board). The only other Daydream compatible handsets are from Chinese handset makers that do not have a big marketing presence here in the USA, which hurts Daydream's chance for mainstream adoption right out of the gate. Had Google partnered with Samsung, HTC, and even Apple, DaydreamVR might have been practically ubiquitous by year's end. All I am really saying is that Google should have cast a wider net with well-known OEMs to make Daydream VR a success.

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    Daydream is more a standard and ecosystem than a specific device. Google is paving the necessary groundwork.

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    That's very true that Daydream is meant to lay the groundwork and standard for all their future vr content.
    People will pick it up if their interested enough in mobile vr

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    I don't see Samsung advertising DayDream alongside Gear VR however.

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    In the US, Google needs to get LG and Motorola onboard.

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