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    Is Google Daydream failing?

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Google's Daydream is really sputtering? They just reduced their prices, and I really haven't seen much news regarding apps/games which are slated to be released. Could this be another one of Googles many projects which end up failing and then being dissolved?

    I really had hopes for Daydream when it was announced and I still love it but I feel as though Google might be giving up on it? Thoughts anyone?

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    Give it time. It's only been available for what 2 months (not even), and has mostly required a Google Pixel to run. As more phones come to support the platform, and more manufacturers produce compatible headsets (Huawei's got one in the works), you'll see the platform start to gain some momentum.

    Even Android itself wasn't an instant hit.

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    It's not failing. It's just not progressing as fast as some people had hoped for. I expected it to be a rocky start, and I think it will be another year before there is any really good games or apps for it. Give it another 1-2 years before passing judgement.

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