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    Just thought of sharing!

    Hi all,
    How to get the best mortgage rate? In Canada, if the economy is in bad shape then interest rates in mortgages are going to be higher. There is no tricks on which we could get the best mortgage rates. There are things which we can do to ensure that we get the rates we wanted. And first we need to get our credit in order,which means we need to have a good credit score. The best way to get a best mortgage rates is by meeting a broker. Usually brokers knows that inside out of a mortgage lender. When I was planning to take up a mortgage, I visited the mortgage brokers and it was very helpful for me. I got the rate as I expected. I just thought of sharing it. If anyone is planning to take up a mortgage,for them it could be helpful.

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    What is that? Why would I need it?
    You should better share some material for target audience - students!
    Look for some students sources website and then share, I will at least know that it is useful for me.

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