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    3D Movies on the PSVR = Awesome for now

    apparently no one is coming here anymore. So I am going to chime in on the 3D patch for the PSVR.

    when I first heard about the patch for 3D for the PSVR, I was a little intrigued to say the least. I went to a few forums to see if there was any inputs/reviews on this. Only saw one or 2 posts, and I have to say, wasn't here that I read about it.

    so I finally decided to get it, got the PSVR then went looking for a PS4 and found the only PS4 Pro in my area, took me 1/2 hour drive to go get it, was last one. Got it hooked up, was pretty easy. I already see one problem and reading about it confirmed my suspicions. I have a Sony 65 inch 4K HDR 3D TV. Well, the adapter box that the PSVR hooks up to does not allow HDR pass through. In order to watch any 4K anything from my PS4 Pro I would have to unhook it and reconnect directly to my TV.

    OK, now on the 3D, all I can say is WOW. I am impressed. The 3D is pretty nice, I have a whole bunch of 3D movies and since TV mfg's are no longer going to make 3D TV's I went with the PSVR. Yes I have a 3D TV, but the 3D is horrible with most of the movies I have. I have been to the official forums from sony for my TV and there are a ton of complaints about the 3D performance. Just as an example, I have Jaws 3 3D, it is totally unwatchable, double everything. I have a few other movies not so bad, but still unhappy about. I plugged in Pacific Rim 3D and it was incredible. I am going to take my time and rewatch my 3D movies again.

    I know it is early and the resolution could be better. So I bet Sony will come out with a new PSVR probably in a couple years, I am starting to save now for it lol. Don't think it will be 4K each eye, but 2K each eye would be significantly better.

    I bought it mostly for 3D movies, not for games. But if an awesome game comes out, I will definitely check it out.

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    wow, I just watched Predator 3D last night and it was awesome. no pop outs but the depth perception was incredible.

    now waiting for Terminator 2 3D....need popcorn lol

    one thing about Predator 3D is that it was converted, not filmed in 3D. on my tv it looked pretty good.
    I just watched Jurrasic Park 3D and it was fantastic, a really good scene was when they first came upon the T rex.....
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