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    Where should Pokemon go.....go

    I have been thinking a lot about it and first of all I'd like to see the buddy system get improved I mean the distance needed to travel for one candy is ridiculous it should be lower not much but some also I'd like to see my Pokemon following me in real time not just as an invisible partner and then the trainer versus trainer battle system I'd like to see it vamped up not just the gym battle set up honestly I hate it I'd rather have the swiping motion left right to Dodge up to jump down to duck giving us the chance to Dodge with a more realistic command of our Pokemon also the tapping to attack for basic such as scratch or bite but with a command prompt for 2 other attacks that energy must be built up for before using this battle feature I'm sure would give us all a more realistic feel as well as something we have all wanted for a long time in a Pokemon game to be just like ash and tell our pikachu to jump Dodge block an attack with an attack to truly be in the folds of battle not just your Pokemon has 100 cp more than mine you win but you were the better trainer also a bonding experience would be nice I remember playing Pokemon and keeping some that I had for so long just because they had been with me through so much and we don't have that here what we have is a meat grinder if the cp is low into the grinder they go no remorse no second thoughts no issues no bond the buddy system tries to fix it to a point let me see my buddy with me and a bond can form lol the movesest can be horrible as well I got my first gyrados after hunting down all those karps and got a1700 cp gyrados with the worst movesets ever that's been awhile now I have 3 over 2300 but only one has great moves I'd like a way to change moves maybe with enough candies you can change it randomly say gyrados cost 50 karp candies to change a move allowing you to keep Pokemon longer hold them because you love them and give us more of the nostalgic feel for the old days but this is all what I'd like to see don't know if others agree or not but


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