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    Private virtual tour

    Looking for expertise / experience here. My parents are getting older and downsizing, having lived in their current house 35 years. They are dreading having to leave their house because of all of the memories. To be able to "transport them back," I would like to take a Ricoh Theta S over to their house and take 360 pics of each room, with the idea of creating a virtual tour of their house. However, I can't post it on street view as it is a private residence and will be deleted (and the idea of someone knowing the layout is not appealing). There are sites that allow you to upload and create your own 360 tour, however it remains hosted on their website.

    Does anyone know of a way to store locally on a google pixel a VR tour of a private residence and be able to pull it up with a VR app, similar to how you can view panoramic / 360 videos on Google Photos?



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    "Watching an actual 360 virtual reality movie can be an amazing experience. Once you have downloaded some amazing 3d movies you can easily load them onto DayDream

    1. Open the Daydream app on your smartphone
    2. Navigate to the Google Play VR store (or tap this link right here.)
    3. Download the “Skybox Ultimate VR Player” application. It’s free!
    Open Skybox Ultimate VR Player on your headset. It’ll take a bit to recognize all of your videos if you have a lot.

    So essentially you just load your 360 video into a 3rd party app.
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    You can use a 360 camera to record the 360 video and put it in a vr all in one glasses to watch it.
    or you can also download the 360 video to your phone and watch it.
    it is very convenience.
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    If you want to spend a little time on a good solution...have a look to the easypano product called "tourweaver". There you can arrange all your 360° panoramic files and do a nice animated virtual tour...once done you can host that on their Cloud service, on your own webserver or also on a local disk where it can be executed.

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