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    Leveling up a gym and getting sniped by own team - how to prevent?

    So I spend 20 min trying to level up a gym to level 6 and a person at the last min (much be watching me or seeing the points rise up--I dont see them) comes in at the last minute and puts their pokemon in after I did ALL the work and used so many resources reviving. Is this how it now? You own team lurks and snipes you at the last minute and takes the spot in the gym. Or was I stupid to think I could level it up and put my pokemon in. Just wondering.... Happened to me 3x now. Seems my own team is a bigger threat than the opposition now. What's the point of trying and working for 20 min for someone to come in like that and steal it away. If this is the game, maybe my strategy needs to be Pokemon "lurking". Seems like you should establish you are leveling it up or at least know someone is in the gym too. After 2000 level up points they can come in and you never know it. Wasted resources and time. Makes me not want to play or even mess with the gyms (not worth the coins or 500 stardust) and Im almost level 30. Curious to hear from anyone else. Thanks everyone! Tracey
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