This section is for the discussion of virtual reality games for non-mobile phone devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, etc. Each game will have an individual thread for it, in which all discussion related to reviews, bugs, updates, etc. will be put into. Each of these discussion threads will be tagged for the HMD(s) that it is compatible with (See available tags below).

New threads may be created for questions and other discussion related to specific games. Feel free to create these threads at your own will, but be sure to search the forum first to ensure the question has not been asked previous.

Available Tags are as follows:

Example thread title for Review/Update threads will be as follows:
[RIFT][VIVE][PSVR] Adri1ft

Within these thread, the first post should include:
- Expected Release Date (or date the game was released)
- Description of the game (Uniquely written and not simply cut and pasted from another site)
- Links to further information - preferably the developers site.
- Links to where the game can be downloaded (if side-loaded)
- Any screenshots or Youtube videos of the game (embedded into the post)

Additionally, each HMD subforum will have a list of all games currently available and coming soon. Each game in the lists will feature links to the discussion thread for that game. Our moderator team will work on editing these threads in order to keep them up to date. Below are links to each complete list of games for the specific HMD you are looking for:
- HTC Vive Games List
- Oculus Rift Games List
- Playstation Vr Games List

If you are the Developer of the Game:
If you are the developer of a game for one of these platforms, we have designated a special usergroup for non-mobile game developers. This is so that you can officially be recognized as a games developer when you post in a particular thread. Please send me a private message if you have developed a game that is for one of these HMD's.