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    PS VR - 180p / 360p Movies and maximum usb drive flash limit ?

    Hi somone know what is maximum size for usb drive flash for PS4 accept ? If im wona watch 180p 360p movies in my ps4 im need copy files to my usb drive flash ? beacose in case HDD This not work ( hdd only work for games) So im now use 64 GB microo usb flash for movies and this size work good in ps4 . My question is some maximum limit size for usb flash working good in PS4 ? Example if im buy faster usb flash with 512 GB size - then this will be work corectly in PS4 or is some limit for usb flash like no biger size then example 256 GB ?? - other way ps4 dont see it corectly ?

    Example in HDD maximum limit for ps4 see is 8 TB and for USB flash maximum limit is ...... ? somone know? im dont wonna buy big usb if later store will be to big for ps4Pro see it? - Usb flash like this will be work corect in ps4 ? ??

    Sorry for bad english but this is not my native langue - can somone answer my question ? thanks.
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    External drives need to be formatted to either FAT32 or ExFAT in order to be recognized by the PS4.As long as you format your flash drive in exFAT, you'll be fine. Maximum file size of exFAT format is 16 exabytes. As far as I remember, PS4 will not read flash drives if they're in NTFS format.

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