Here's my take on Theseus.

I don't really do "reviews" or "stream", sort of a hybrid. It does show gameplay combat and you can get my impressions on the game. Overall, I think the game looks great. Some care went into creating the environments. It's an interesting place, but I am concerned that the enemy variety and general combat/platforming is a little shallow in that it's repetitive without much variety. Still though I think the environment and graphics are pretty great. At times some distant shots of Theseus or some foilage will appear blurry. Most of the gameplay takes place with a fixed camera position, much like Chronos on the Rift, but at times and during certain sequences the perspective will change to more of an over-the-shoulder view with the VR-camera following Theseus. During these segments you generally cannot run and I imagine that is the developer reducing the chance of motion sickness.

One of the best things about this game, and VR in general, is the sense of scale when there is a big enemy. This game has that but I won't spoil it too much.

Full disclaimer though is that I didn't get my review copy until early yesterday so I have not yet completed the game so more variety may set in. The game is rumored to be $20. Reports are coming in that its about 90 mins long. I'm close to that, and I don't feel that I am end-game, which suggests that the ending is sort of abrupt. At 90-ish minutes worth of content that likely isn't very replayable I'm not sure $20 is a good price. For the level of polish, at first glance it would appear justified, but with that short of an experience I can't say it's worth that asking price. Keep an eye out for it on a sale.